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Reddish Egret
Egretta rufescens
– Family
Authors: Lowther, Peter E., and Richard T. Paul

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Based on Field Museum (FMNH) specimens from Florida (21 males, 29 females; PEL).

Bill Length (From Nostril)

Male mean 94.7 mm ± 4.8 SD (range 77.2–92.1, n = 21); female mean 80.3 mm ± 3.2 SD (range 73.2–86.6, n = 27).

Wing Length

Male mean 32.3 cm ± 1.5 SD (range 29.5–34.3, n = 21); female mean 30.3 cm ± 1.0 SD (range 29.1–33.7, n = 29).

Tail Length

Male mean 11.0 cm ± 0.6 SD (range 10.1–12.6, n = 21); female mean 10.6 cm ± 0.8 SD (range 8.8–12.8, n = 29).

Tarsus Length

Male mean 137.3 mm ± 6.2 SD (range 127.3–147.4, n = 21); female mean 125.0 mm ± 4.5 SD (range 117.3–132.6, n = 29).


Values based on individual measurements from FMNH specimens (6 males, 1 female): mean 613.5 g ± 161.4 SD (range 364–869, n = 7).