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Least Tern
Sternula antillarum
– Family
Authors: Thompson, Bruce C., Jerome A. Jackson, Joannna Burger, Laura A. Hill, Eileen M. Kirsch, and Jonathan L. Atwood

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J. Burger thanks Michael Gochfeld, Larry Niles, and Dave Jenkins for help with Least Tern research over the years, and the Endangered and Nongame Program of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for support for some of her research with Least Terns. Charles Collins and Barbara Massey provided technical review and unpublished data. Unpublished information on distribution counts, status, and behavior was contributed by K. Benson (Texas Breeding Bird Atlas Project); B. Blodget (Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection); D. Brinker; (Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources); K. Brunson (Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks); J. Dinan (Nebraska Game and Parks Dept.); K. Dugger, R. Renken, J. Smith, J. Tibbs, and J. Wilson (Missouri Dept. of Conservation); L. Gelvin-Invear (Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control); M. Harris (Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources); M. Howery (Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation); D. Jenkins, Jr. (New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection); J. Jones (Maine Audubon Society); C. Raithel (Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management); J. Sidle (U.S. Forest Service); M. Todd (South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources); J. Victoria (Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection), and E. Wilson (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Grand Is., NE). Charles Dardia measured museum specimens at Cornell University. Don Brubaker helped summarize the chronology of behavior and consolidate contributions from all authors into the final manuscript. Alan Poole, Keith Russell, and Melody Munson-McGee provided detailed editorial review of the manuscript.