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Laughing Gull
Leucophaeus atricilla
– Family
Authors: Burger, Joanna

Data Tables and Appendices

Table 1.
Distance (km) from banding site to recovery site for Laughing Gull chicks hatched in the Northeast and Gulf Coast (after Belant and Dolbeer 1993b). Data shown as mean ± SD (sample size).
Appendix 1.
Linear measurements (mm) and mass (g) of Laughing Gulls in various parts of the species’ range. Data shown as mean ± SD (range; n). Sources: 1 = JB and M. Gochfeld unpubl. data (West Indies; from Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.); 2 = JB and M. Gochfeld unpubl. data (North America; from Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.); 3 = Hanners and Patton 1985(Florida); 4 = Dwight 1925; 5 = Ridgway 1919; 6 = Evans et al. 1993(New York); 7 = Gochfeld et al. in press(New York).
Appendix 2.
Annual reproductive success of Laughing Gulls. For nestling success and fledgling success, the range is for 2- and 3-egg clutches. Hatching success = percent eggs laid that hatch; fledging success = percent hatched eggs that fledge. Method = periodicity of nest checks. Sources: 1 = Dinsmore and Schreiber 1974; 2 = Schreiber et al. 1979; 3 = Morris 1984; 4 = White et al. 1983a; 5 = JB unpubl. data; NA = not available.