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Sandhill Crane
Grus canadensis
– Family
Authors: Tacha, Thomas C., Stephen A. Nesbitt, and Paul A. Vohs
Revisors: Gerber, Brian D., James F. Dwyer, Stephen A. Nesbitt, Rod C. Drewien, and Carol D. Littlefield

Appendix 2.

Major foods of mid-continent Sandhill Cranes during fall and spring migration and wintering periods. Data from analyses of esophogeal and/or gizzard contents.

Location Season Item % volume or dry weight Source
Saskatchewan Fall Wheat 93 Stephen (1967)

Wheat 95 Tacha et al. (1985a)
KS, OK, TX Fall Sorghum 48 Lewis (1974)

Wheat 40
North Dakota Fall Wheat 52 Madsen (1967)(a)

Barley 36

Oats 15

Corn 12
KS, OK Spring Sorghum 95 Lewis (1974)
Nebraska Spring Corn 97 Reinecke and Krapu (1986)

Corn 98 Iverson et al. (1982)

Corn 89 Lewis (1979b)
Saskatchewan Spring Wheat 99 Iverson et al. (1982)
Alaska Spring Barley 99 Iverson et al. (1982)
New Mexico Winter Corn 87 Walker and Shemnitz (1987)
Oklahoma Winter Sorghum 94 Lewis (1974)
Arizona Winter Corn 99 Perkins and Brown (1981)
Texas (West) Winter Sorghum 97 Iverson et al. (1982)
Texas (South) Winter Cyperus 50 Guthery (1975)

Nymphara 9

Sorghum 7

Sorghum 42 Lewis (1974)

Rice 21

  • (a) Derived from frequency data.